Violence can be defined as the action or inaction of one person against another that causes harm to health, both physical and mental, and degrades the sense of honor and dignity. Even though we live in a relatively developed and progressive world, brutality still occurs. The USA is no exception with its crime and poverty statistics. Every year, this country tries more and more to combat Violence in all its manifestations. That is why many organizations, initiatives, and alliances help people who have become victims of brutality.

National Latin American Alliance to End Domestic Violence


This Alliance comprises various:

  • public activists;

  • practitioners;

  • volunteers;

  • researchers;

  • victims of domestic brutality. 

All these people rallied together to help victims of violence. The Alliance promotes Important Ideas and supports domestic combat brutality. This Latin American community upholds the sanctity of all relationships. It plays a vital role in the modern fight against violence.


It is a human rights organization that was created in Pakistan in 1999. The SHARP has a team of lawyers who fight for people’s rights. Many volunteers provide free legal help to people who have become victims of human trafficking and their families. The organization regularly holds meetings with various communities and promotes essential information.

The organization also conducts training seminars for various institutions. It is made to prevent human trafficking because it occurs very often. Such organizations should be discussed in educational institutions to ensure a safe future. So if a student wants to learn more about the organization’s affairs, he can find a reference for a college SHARP essay and learn a lot of helpful information. Such examples of essays will help better understand critical events taking place worldwide.

Asia Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence (APIGBV)

This Institute is a national resource center dealing with issues of domestic and sexual violence. The Institute also combats human trafficking and other forms of violence. Currently, the Institute is active in Asia and the Pacific islands. All those involved analyze the existing problems concerning the inhabitants of the islands. The Asia-Pacific Institute provides education to all who wish, offering technical assistance. The Institute also provides lawyers as needed and other services for the community.

Victimized Women’s Justice Project (BWJP)

The Victims of Women’s Justice Project helps victims of brutality. Women can get training and any other help or resources they need. In total, there are three organizations from this project. One focuses on criminal justice, another on the civil magistrate, and the 3rd is a coordination center for the protection of women. This project helped and helped many women understand themselves and find a way out of their situations.

Casa de Esperanza

This organization is a leader in the movement against domestic violence. This resource center works with Latinos in the United States. The organization was founded in 1982. As soon as they started their activities, they provided shelter for women and children. All of them suffered from domestic brutality. To this day, people belonging to this initiative continue to raise important issues. They provide various essential services to counter U.S. violence.

A Future Without Violence

Future Without violence is a non-profit organization. Its offices can be found in many cities, including San Francisco, Washington, and Boston. The organization fights the causes of violent crime and the end of domestic and sexual roughness. They spread information about such problems. Volunteers also help victims of violence and provide psychological assistance.

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

The center provides training for lawyers at all levels. Also, they offer psychological assistance for victims of brutality. The organization tries to promote a model of community cooperation. They cooperate with:

  • various law enforcement agencies;
  • legal system organizations;
  • social services;
  • the military, and other organizations.

National Coordinating Center for the Protection of Victimized Women

This non-profit organization was founded in 1987 as a resource and advocacy center for brutality victims. They also help people who have been unfairly accused of crimes. The organization strives for justice for everyone. It tries to reduce crime, unjust violence cases, and various accusations.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

The coalition was formed in 1978. It tries to organize collective power by promoting transformative work. In the Alliance, everyone works to ensure no more violence in our lives.

VAWnet: National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women

The Online Violence Center provides electronic resources related to any form of brutality. The organization collects:

  • research papers;
  • prevention and educational materials;
  • and other resources to help people who are unjustly accused or have become victims of violence.


Therefore, in the USA, many organizations and initiatives fight against brutality. The main thing is that people who become victims are not afraid to speak and achieve justice. We await a bright future without violence, thanks to such volunteers and organizations.

This article was provided by Gabriel Jones