Owning these women’s safety devices, such as safety keychains, jewelry, alarms, tracking tags, pepper spray, and tasers, allow you to move through your day and night with confidence.

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Women’s safety devices have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for women to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. These devices range from personal alarms and pepper spray to GPS tracking and wearable technology that looks like jewelry.

Many of these devices are designed to be easy to carry and use, allowing women to quickly and discreetly alert authorities or loved ones in an emergency.

While these women’s safety gadgets are helpful tools for promoting safety, it is critical also to consider other measures such as self-defense training and being aware of one’s surroundings.

Everyone should be able to go about their lives without tension or worry. There is no replacement for confidence as a deterrent. Personal safety gadgets and devices allow you to walk with your head held high.

Women’s Safety Devices: Keychain with GPS Tracking

Safety keychains with GPS tracking are devices designed to help women stay safe. An app can be used to locate them quickly in emergencies. These devices typically have a panic button that, when pressed, sends an alert with the user’s location to a pre-determined list of emergency contacts.

Some safety keychains also have additional features, such as a built-in flashlight or a loud alarm, to deter potential attackers or alert others to the user’s location.

One of the main benefits of women’s safety products with GPS is that it allows the user to signal for help quickly and discreetly in a potentially dangerous situation. The GPS feature allows emergency contacts to locate the user accurately. Once notified, assistance can be provided, through a phone call, text message, or in-person response.

It is essential to note that safety tags with GPS are practical women’s safety devices. These devices should not be relied upon as the sole means of protection. Individuals must take steps to protect themselves by attending self-defense courses, being aware of their surroundings, trusting their instincts, and planning for emergencies.

She’s Birdie Safety Keychain

The She’s Birdie keychain is one of the best women’s safety items on the market. Everyone knows it’s a “Birdie.” Made for women by women. What’s more, Birdie is TSA approved for travel, unlike tasers or pepper spray.

It’s lightweight and practical for jogging or walking. When you feel threatened, pull out the top pin to activate the alarm and strobe light to let everyone know of your distress. Once the threat has passed, push the pin back in place.

Apple Air Tags

Apple Air tags and Find My app can assist law enforcement. The discreet Apple tracking tags will allow family or law enforcement to pinpoint your location if you are kidnapped or carjacked.

Ninety-two percent of the 92,301 verified Amazon users rated this device four or five stars. With an overall rating of 4.7 stars, you know you can depend on this device when coupled with the app to track your location.

Safety Jewelry: Heart-Shaped Personal Alarm

This heart-shaped personal alarm is as beautiful as it is practical. Clip it to your belt loop, keychain, or shoelaces to add beauty and security.

When you feel threatened while out for a jog, bend down as if tying your shoelaces and pull the link to initiate an ear-piercing alarm, the 130-decibel alarm will scare off the predator and bring immediate help. It could save you from a sexual assault.

Women’s Safety Device: Safety Alarm

This Personal Alarm for Women emits a 140-decibel ear-piercing alarm that can be heard from 600 feet away. The siren will last 30 minutes or until the pin is reinserted. You or your loved one will be safer while walking, jogging, or going to and from a darkened car park.

You can attach this personal alarm to your keychain, purse, belt loop, or backpack. It has a powerful LED light to assist in finding the door’s keyhole quickly.

Sabre Pepper Spray

This quick-release Sabre Pepper Spray will enhance women’s safety in any environment. You can move about with confidence knowing you have a repellant that will stave off any attack.

With this self-defense safety pepper spray, you’ll confidently walk or jog, knowing you have a strong deterrent. It’s made in the USA and approved by multiple international police agencies.

It’s capable of 25 bursts, making it suitable for use on multiple assailants within a ten-foot (3-meter) radius.

Women’s Safety Devices: Taser Pulse

This no-nonsense Taser Pulse emits a Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) pulse capable of overriding an attacker’s central nervous system for up to 30 seconds.

This gadget is well-suited for security personnel and as a self-defense device. This safety taser is trusted by law enforcement and security personnel worldwide.

Women’s Safety Devices Come with Personal Responsibility

Women’s safety devices, such as safety keychains, personal alarms, pepper spray, and safety tasers, can be valuable tools for increasing personal safety and reducing the risk of harm from potential attackers. However, carefully consider these safety devices’ potential risks and limitations and use them responsibly.

This article was originally published on Personal Safety School.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. When you click on a link and buy the product, I make a small commission, which does not change your price. Read my disclosure statement for additional information.

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