“I have clients who have been battered. Who have restraining orders, who’ve had to deal with stalkers.”

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — The near-abduction of a woman in East Memphis Thursday has a defense trainer in the University of Memphis area’s phone ringing off the hook.

He said women in the area are concerned about being harmed.

Rule number 1 – attack.

Rule number 2 – cause injury when someone comes to harm you.

“Running is the original martial art,” said Jonathan Cross, owner of Dauntless Tactical Training. “If you have space and distance – and have the opportunity to run – that always helps but what also helps if someone is in close proximity to be able to touch you then you need to be able to realize that you are the weapon.”

“The fist is not the primary weapon, in fact it is the weapon most likely to be injured on you,” Cross explained. 

The trainer also said knowing the weakest points on the attacker’s body is more helpful – the eyes, throat, the groin just to name a few.

“The eye is very easy to enter so all of a sudden if you take my sight then I don’t care what happening with my hand I’m trying to get your thumb out of my eye,” he said. 

Back in December – a woman was almost abducted in Germantown while shopping at Saddle Creek before getting help on the scene.

“In wide open spaces, situational awareness is the most important thing. In cramped spaces skills are the most important thing, as well as what we call the gift of fear. If someone comes and invades in a closed space, my Spidey senses need to go up.”

Remember the best defense is a good offense, explained Cross. 

Cross shared that a 1-time seminar won’t cut it. You’ve got to practice it to build muscle memory so you’re learning to defend yourself without having to think about it

Cross said 85% of his clients are women.

“I have clients who have been battered. Who have restraining orders, who’ve had to deal with stalkers.”

When they come to him – he teaches them mindset is everything.

“So think about it fundamentally I have a right to life you have a right to life,” Cross said. “You do not have the right to come to take mine from me. Unless I attack you.”