ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – Georgia Senator Brandon Beach filed what he calls the 3 G’s bill- Gangs, guns, gone.

Senate Bill 7 would require any person who is holding or within arms reach of their firearm, or blade longer than 3 inches, while committing a violent crime, to serve mandatory time. This includes murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault are all on that list, along with trafficking illegal drugs.

Beach spoke with Atlanta News First about the proposal.

“If you rob a convenience store at gunpoint and put a gun in somebody’s face before you serve a day of that sentence you are charged with, you are going to have to serve a ten-year minimum sentence that cannot be shortened by a District Attorney,” said Beach.

Maya Harrold supports this new bill. She lost her husband Chris last year. He owned a trucking company. He was training a new employee when the employee got into an argument with a third man that ended in gunfire.

“It won’t stop everybody. But once you start making an example out of people, it will make some make better choices. They pull the trigger out of fear and not out of logic or thinking, they just have a reaction and they shoot,” said Harrold.

Democrat Billy Mitchell disagrees. He believes all crimes are not created equally and sentences should remain at the judge’s discretion. He supports stricter gun laws as a better crime deterrent.

“I think the state should provide opportunities for additional regulations so it isn’t as easy for criminals to commit the crimes that he is trying to deter,” said Mitchell.

The Prosecuting Attorney’s Council of Georgia said they don’t take positions on proposed legislation.