KARDASHIAN fans are in hysterics after a “cringe” video of Kris Jenner performing bizarre self-defense moves resurfaces.

Kris, 67, demonstrating self-protection moves alongside her ex Caitlyn Jenner, 73, in a throwback video has stirred fans online.


Kardashian fans in hysterics after a video of Kris Jenner resurfacesCredit: Reddit


In the video Kris is doing self-defense moves on her ex Caitlyn JennerCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk


Many fans dubbed the resurfaced clip as ‘cringe’Credit: Getty

The clip was filmed over 30 years before Caitlyn transitioned into a woman and changed her name from Bruce.

In the short video excerpt the momager exhibited a few self-help techniques incase someone found themselves in danger.

A few of those moves include the side-kick, the hammer fist and the elbow strike.

Apparently the footage comes from Women’s Self-Defense & Fitness Program, which was filmed in 1994 and included martial arts instructor Ken Herrera.

The 67-year-old acting out each self-defense move presented without a smooth rhythm and screaming “Hi-Yah!” after each example made the snippet that much more awkward.


Many fans have drowned Reddit with shady comments and backhanded compliments about the mother-of-six’s rediscovered footage.

One fan expressed on the online forum: “Cringe but she looks adorable. Her and my mom had the same aesthetic in the 90s.”

Another fan jokingly slammed: “I just know her kids clowned her on the noises she was making, like the time she was making sex noises while playing tennis…”

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One fan expressed: “I feel second hand embarrassment,” which someone sarcastically replied: “It’s the hiyaaaa that kills me. That’s the key to self defense y’all!”

Other fans just complimented the businesswoman on her beauty and compared her to her daughters.

A fan professed : “She looks fantastic…she looks most like Kourtney. Absolutely beautiful woman. She should have just left her lips alone. Although her lips are beautiful compared to her overdone daughters.”

Responding to Kris’ compliment a fan added: “I love this so much…iconic! She looks so cute here and fresh faced…I love!…”

Some fans even declared that out of all her children, the reality star in her youth looked most the like her eldest daughter Kourtney Kardashian, 43.


This is just one of the times that fans called out The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum for acting cringeworthy.

Back in September fans dubbed Kris and her youngest daughter of the Kardashian-Jenner clan Kylie Jenner “embarrassing,” 25, for stepping out together in matching leather dresses.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder had posted the snap of her and the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch to her Instagram to promote her brand’s second collaboration with Kris at the time.

In the photo the pair stood side-by-side in matching skintight low-cut black leather dresses.

They held martinis and accessorized their cocktail-inspired looks with diamond earrings.

One fan online slammed it as “embarrassing”, while another called out the photo for using “FaceTune”.

“They need to chill with the photo editing,” raged one. “Aging is not a curse, embrace it!”


Some fans said that Kris looked most like ‘Kourtney’ Kardashian when youngerCredit: Getty


The clip marks one of many times that Kris has been dubbed ’embarrassing’Credit: Getty


Recently Kris got shaded after she and Kylie Jenner posed in matching outfitsCredit: Getty