Hell hath no fury like the Left’s and Democrats’ scorn for Kyle Rittenhouse. Now, a casino in Sin City, an area known for its hedonism and moral depravity, feels that a teenager who acted in self-defense to fend off attackers is too much of an ethical conundrum to appear at the venue. It canceled an event Rittenhouse was having because it allegedly didn’t align with the corporation’s values.

Apparently, the Left, which hates rioters and insurrectionists only if they are right-wing participants, doesn’t believe Rittenhouse had a right to self- defense. It has tried to cancel him in any way ot can. The latest incident involved the Las Vegas resort, the Venetian, which caved to left-wing activists and canceled Rittenhouse’s event. He was supposed to appear at a “private reception” at the Oak Room inside the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian, according to FOX5.


Yet a statement from the Venetian released Monday night announced Rittenhouse’s appearance had been canceled. One of the reasons listed was because the “event did not align with our property’s core event guidelines.”

“Our tenant informed us that they have canceled the event,” the statement read. “We do not speak on behalf of our tenants, but want to emphasize this event did not align with our property’s core event guidelines.”

If only the event had featured scantily clad women, subjecting themselves to soliciting sexual favors or encouraging promiscuity and debauchery, it probably would have been more appropriate.

Between trying to ensure he spent most of his life in jail for engaging in self-defense when left-wing rioters were trying to harm him to pundits, government officials, and political talk show hosts demonizing and degrading him, he is considered persona non grata by them in the country for his actions. The truth is Rittenhouse defended himself, and a jury of his peers found him not guilty of all the wrongdoing for which he was accused.

Canceling Rittenhouse is nothing more than cowardice from the hotel’s organization. His appearance triggered the left-wing activists, who were upset that he was allowed to speak at the Venetian. Given the Left’s natural inclination to suppress and squash anything it disagrees with, its activist mob targeted and harassed the Venetian until it succumbed to its demands. It repeatedly happens because too many people are afraid to stand up to the fanatics.