The shooting happened in June 2022 near a busy intersection off Newtown Road and Virginia Beach Boulevard.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A man accused of a traffic shootout in Virginia Beach in June 2022 entered into a plea agreement in court Wednesday morning.

Quayshon Jordan pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding, unlawful shooting at a vehicle, reckless handling of a firearm, discharging a firearm in a public place, and carrying a loaded firearm in certain locations.

Jordan faces a maximum of one year and one month in prison if the court agrees to accept the plea agreement. That will be determined when the pre-sentencing report comes out.

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The shooting happened near a busy intersection off Newtown Road and Virginia Beach Boulevard. Quayshon’s brother, Saiqhon Jordan, was also charged in connection with the crime.

The Virginia Beach Police Department said an officer was in the middle of pulling someone over when he heard gunshots nearby. The officer went to the scene where he saw two men firing guns.

During the shootout, a bystander was hit by gunfire, but their injuries weren’t life-threatening.

Investigators think that the Jordan brothers were firing at a second vehicle that got away, but their defense lawyers argued that they acted in self-defense.

The brothers said that while they were driving on I-264 — with Saiqhon’s girlfriend and two young kids in the car — someone in another car rolled down their window and had a gun.

The attorneys said the brothers pulled off on the Newtown Road exit and had to stop at a red light by Newtown Road and Virginia Beach Boulevard. 

The brothers claim they saw the other vehicle coming toward them, so they got out of their car and fired shots.

Jordan’s attorney, Trevor Robinson, said this agreement created the best outcome for his client, saying, “We were very pleased we were able to resolve this the way we did.”

Robinson said Jordan’s guilty plea does not take away the fact that his client claims he shot a gun in self-defense.

“It [surveillance and police body camera footage] doesn’t show that the other individual was shooting at them because of the vantage point and from where he approached. He approached basically from behind and to the right of where our clients were,” said Robinson. “The witness from the Commonwealth who was parked right in front of the other vehicle down the street… that individual was able to corroborate that our clients were being shot at and our clients add to their defense they were being shot at while on the Interstate by the same individual.”  

Jordan is scheduled to be sentenced on April 17 if the court accepts his plea agreement.