A Georgia woman will quickly stand trial for felony homicide in the direction of The identical prosecutors who as quickly as despatched her abuser to jail for violently assaulting her. Inside the Ashlyn Griffin Story, she shot and killed her boyfriend, Brandon McCray in June 2020.

She voluntarily gave assertions to regulation enforcement after the capturing, videoed a re-enactment On the scene with detectives, After which provided a written assertion of her account. She informed them it was self-protection, that he was abusing her as he’d carried out repeatedly Prior to now.

Authorities, however, didn’t buy the story. Consequently, Griffin was arrested and charged with Murder and now awaits to be judged by a jury of her friends.

Chief Assistant District Lawyer Barclay Black argued that Ashlyn Griffin Ought to not be immune from prosecution. He said her claims of self protection Did not attain The sting of an affirmative protection. Citing a 2009 case, Black said that Ashlyn Griffin Needed To admit to “the crime” and that she Did not make her protection when she testified that she didn’t imply to kill Brandon McCray.

What do you assume: Was it homicide? Or self-protection?


Source: https://www.thegeorgiavirtue.com/unfinished-justice/cases/murder-or-self-defense-the-ashlyn-griffin-story/