A Florida judge rejected bail for accused OnlyFans killer Courtney Clenney on Thursday, arguing she didn’t buy her claim she stabbed her boyfriend in self-defense.

The social media starlet is facing murder charges for killing cryptocurrency trader Christian Obumseli in their Miami apartment in April.

Asserting that she was fending off his attack before plunging a knife into his chest, Clenney and her attorney argued the case merited her release pending trial.

 But after a hearing on the matter last month, Judge Laura Shearon Cruz denied the bid in a written order.

“From the evidence presented during this hearing, the Court does not find the Defendant’s claim of self-defense on April 3, 2022, credible,” she wrote.

Clenney, who cleared more than $3 million from the adult site since 2020 and boasts more than one million Instagram followers, will now remain bars as her case proceeds.

OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney reacts after Judge Laura Shearon Cruz’s decision to deny her bail.

Clenney and her attorney claimed the self-defense argument merited her release pending trial.


“The Court does not find the Defendant’s claim of self-defense on April 3, 2022, credible,” the judge wrote.


The Miami State Attorney’s Office has slowly released pieces of evidence they say points to Clenney as routinely violent and abusive toward Obumseli.

She was recorded threatening his life just one month before the stabbing.

“I’m actually f—ing not having a good day where I actually, literally f—ing want to kill you,” she said in a March 5 cellphone clip obtained by WSVN. “But you don’t take me seriously,”

Clenney also called Obumseli the n—word in one exchange.

Prosecutors also released letters from Obumseli to Clenney, where he repeatedly professes his devotion to her and pledges his lifelong loyalty.

Courtney Clenney and Christian Obumseli had a ‘sadly volatile relationship,’ the judge wrote.


A photo from the scene of Obumseli’s fatal stabbing.

Miami-Dade State Attorney

“There is no dispute that Defendant killed Victim in this case,” Shearon wrote in her order. “The only factual issue in dispute is whether Defendant was acting in self-defense and whether this claim rendered the state’s evidence doubtful. Clearly, Defendant and Victim had a sadly volatile relationship.”

Clenney’s attorney, Larry Prieto, has contended that additional evidence will paint a more comprehensive — and less one-sided — picture of the doomed relationship.

Clenney’s father, Kim Clenney, testified at the bail hearing last month he believed his daughter was the victim of abuse and that he stood by her.

The starlet’s once thriving OnlyFans account, which had made her a millionaire, was shuttered after her arrest, he added to the court.