QUINCY – A Quincy kung fu instructor is acting with a sense of urgency after a 64-year old Asian woman was kidnapped from a train station and sexually assaulted.

“It had to be this weekend, it couldn’t wait,” instructor Mai Du told WBZ-TV. 

She’s putting her skills to good use, holding a free self-defense class (see poster below) at Wah Lum Quincy Sunday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. In a city with a large Asian population, she wants to teach students of all ages how to physically and mentally fight back against a potential attacker. 

“I got at least 10 calls from getting my daughter who’s 13-years old to take the course, to myself and my mother who’s elderly, to a school,” she said. 

Quincy kung fu instructor Mai Du 

CBS Boston

To better connect with the immigrant population, Du teaches her classes in Chinese. 

“Me, myself I’m OK because I know I can protect myself, but others like the elderly they’re really scared and worried,” Du said in Chinese. “They need to know how to protect themselves.” 

She doesn’t want the elderly to feel defenseless because of age, teaching them how to use everyday tools to fight back. 

“Keys in between my knuckles… they become very, very effective self-defense tools,” Du explained. “The cane, a very good weapon. You’re going to be hooking, hitting, poking, of course, slashing.” 

The Red Line is an integral part of Quincy and how the immigrant population gets around. She doesn’t want riders, especially seniors, to be afraid of taking the T, but be prepared. 

“They travel to supermarkets, to restaurants for meals,” said Du. “To be able to have some knowledge how to be safe… spirit of fighting back is so, so important.”  

Wah Lum Academy

Tiffany Chan