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When sisters Amy Ferber and Ali Ferber Peters sent their oldest children off to college, they wanted to be able to give them some sense of security when they were away from home. This motherly love caused the duo to found Birdie.

Birdie sells modern, personal alarms. When triggered, these sleek alarms emit a piercing 130-decibel alarm and a flashing strobe light. If you aren’t sure just how loud 130 decibels is, it’s comparable to “a jet engine 100 [feet] overhead!”

Co-founders and sisters, Amy Ferber and Ali Ferber Peters.Credit: Birdie

Birdie alarms are perfect for those who have late night commutes, frequently adventure alone or are just looking for some hand-held reassurance. If you’ve ever wished that you had a way to get immediate attention, whether you were hurt or sick or felt uneasy, this alarm may be what you’ve been looking for.

Small enough to add to your keychain, purse strap or belt loop, using the alarm couldn’t be easier. You simply pull the ring at the top of the alarm to turn it on and put the ring back in to turn it off. Each alarm comes with a solid brass keychain, so you can securely attach it anywhere you like.


According to the product description, “each Birdie is hand-tested and built to last. She [the Birdie] turns on and off as needed and comes with [replaceable] batteries that last 40 continual minutes.”

However, the brand notes that before you use your alarm, you should test it. To do so, you can place your finger over the back speaker to protect your ears, pull the ring and ensure the siren and light work. After confirming that the alarm works, click the pin back in to turn it off.

Plus, for each alarm that’s purchased, Birdie donates a percentage of every sale to partner organizations that support women’s safety, shelter and health.

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