The College Police Departmalest (UPD) has started offering classes for self-protection Inside the Wellness Center For school youngsters, staff, And school.

Sergeant Tori Hurtig Is Amongst The numerous officers practiceing and watching over this program. She says it’s important to study these strategies and maneuvers in case something was to happen to somebody on campus.

“I really feel it’s important to study self-protection,” Hurtig said. “College students ought to Uncover strategies to be extra Aware of themselves So as that they’re ready to deal with any circumstances that They might discover themselves in.”

Although the university doesn’t foresee A lot of events the place self-protection Shall be needed on campus, UPD said it’s important to know The fundamalestals And strategies To primarytain people from having To make the most of self-protection.

The primary class Occurred on Jan. 17. So far, solely womales have attended this class and UPD has but to see any males take part On this program. Now, The class is making an try to Promote it in a method that males Can additionally Have an curiosity Inside The class, as this course Is supposed For everyone.

Hurtig said she taught this class as a Outcome of she is passionate in educating others on reducing The hazard of an assault and preventing people from turning Proper into a sufferer. A pair of of the methods And strategies taught On this course are de-escalation, resisting and surviving an assaulter. There Might be extra added Counting on what students and staff Want to study or see On this program.

“We hope all students, staff And school are ready and In a place to defend themselves, if needed, regardless of me not being personally Aware of any self-protection used on campus but,” Hurtig said.

This event was coordinated and put collectively by Dottie Kerkman Inside the Wellness Center. The second class on Feb. 5 will practice previous ideas from the final session, As properly as to new subjects and practiceings people Want to study. The class Is 2 hours prolonged and takes place in room 112 Inside the properlyness center.


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