Aljaron Collins

22-year-old Andrews man is recovering after being shot during an altercation on Smokerthorn Street Sunday.
to a Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office incident report, deputies found the victim
with a gunshot wound to the right hip area. As EMS was treating him,
other deputies began looking for the suspect.  
found the alleged suspect in his driveway at 96 Smokerthorn Street. The report
states he was walking next to his ex-wife.
was identified as 36-year-old Aljaron Collins.
report states the deputy drew his weapon and asked Collins if he was the
shooter and he said he was.
was told to put his hands on his head, which he did and then Collins dropped to
his knees, the report states. A wood handle revolver was found in his waistband. The gun was taken by a deputy and Collins was placed in handcuffs.
Collins was asked to give his side of the story, he said a car pulled in his
driveway and three men exited the vehicle and started threatening him.
stated that at one point an unknown male pulled a silver and black handgun and
pointed the weapon at him,” the report states.
Collins told a deputy, is when he ran to his house, got his .22 caliber revolver, and fired in the direction of the three men.
stated that had his three kids in the truck and he was afraid they would get hurt
during the altercation,” the report states. “He said once he began firing, the
males quickly returned to their vehicles and sped away.”
said the reason for the altercation was over a car he had sold to the 22-year-old
man that has not been paid off.
report states Collins was charged with attempted murder and possession of a
weapon during a violent crime. He was still in jail awaiting a bond hearing at
the time of this posting, according to Georgetown County Detention Center records.
was arrested in November on a charge of ill-treatment of animals and was released
the same day on a $5,000 bond.
case is still pending.